Resources to Help You Keep Your Kids Safe from Swimming Pool Dangers


Photo by Pixabay

Swimming is an activity that is enjoyed by all ages. Children in particular love to spend their summer days in the water. If you are like most parents, you are concerned about their safety and if swimming is harmful to their health. Read on for some great resources for keeping your kids safe at the pool.

The Use of Chlorine

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The Harmful Effects of Chlorine in Water
How to Minimize Chlorine Exposure While Swimming
How to Safely Add Chlorine to a Swimming Pool
How to Store Pool Chemicals

Waterborne Illnesses

What Are Recreational Water Illnesses?
Should You Be Worried About Germs in Your Swimming Pool?
How to Prevent Recreational Water Illness

General Pool Safety

12 Things You Should Never Let Your Kid Do at the Pool
How to Make Pools and Spas Safe for Kids
Understanding Kids’ Safety Swimwear & Gear
Prevent Pool Disasters With These Top Pool Safety Products

When it comes to children, you can never be too safe, especially around water. Ease your mind by becoming aware of the appropriate safety guidelines and procedures regarding swimming. Keep your children well informed and tell them to never get in the water without an adult present. If your family happens to visit a pool that is not up to standards, alert the pool manager immediately. No measure of safety is too small where health is concerned!