How to Move While Staying Safe and Social Distancing: 5 Easy Steps

Photo by Unsplash

So many things seem and feel uncertain these days, and moving is no different. There’s always an element of the unknown that comes with moving to a new home—whether across town or across the country—but with new safety and social distancing precautions, there can be a lot more to consider.

If you’re in the process of moving, but are worried about doing so safely, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some ways to make the move while social distancing during these unpredictable times.

Know the new rules

Cities, states and counties all have different ways of handling social distancing, mask wearing and other health and safety precautions. Be sure you know what will be expected of you in your new digs. For renters who may be just moving down the street, the apartment complex you choose may also have precautions in place. Get familiar with them before you move— preferably during your housing search.

Decide whether to hire movers

Many moving companies are still in business (and are eager for yours). They have their own safety precautions in place, such as taking employee temperatures and wearing masks and gloves, so it’s important to ask. You’ll also want to ask what is expected of you. If you plan on assisting with the loading and unloading, then you should give them a heads up so everyone is able to maintain their 6 feet of space.

Green clean before you move in

Many moves, especially ones across big distances, are often on a tight turnaround time. It’s important you factor in some buffer time to clean and disinfect. You can hire a cleaning company or do it yourself; either way, just be sure high contact surfaces like countertops and door knobs are disinfected. Consider a company that uses eco-friendly cleaning products so you can protect your house and home from harsh chemicals, while also getting a sanitizing deep clean you can feel confident about.

Make a safe exchange

Whether you are renting or buying, you’ll want to create a safe way to drop off keys, sign paperwork and conduct a walk through. For folks who are buying or selling, work with your realtor to handle all of the exchanges in a way that is socially distant and safe. If that’s not possible, keep hand sanitizer, paper towels and disinfectant close at hand. And do as much online as you can. Most realtors and rental companies already use digital document sharing platforms like PandaDoc, DocuSign and Adobe Sign. If yours doesn’t, see if they would be willing to explore this option.

Simplify your life

Moving is a time to make some much needed life changes. With so many health and safety concerns on the mind, making a move now is a great way to simplify. You can simplify your living situation by looking for apartments and homes that match your expectations for safety and security. But even beyond that, this can also be a good time to simplify your stuff. This is especially helpful for people making long-distance moves or downsizing. The less stuff you have to move, the less costly it will be to move it. You’ll also need less help carrying boxes, which means keeping you and your family a bit safer.

The old ways of moving might make you nervous these days, but while these challenges are very real, they are not insurmountable. In fact, they could actually make your move go a lot easier.  Hopefully some of these tips also help make the process more convenient, helping you feel more comfortable and confident about your health and safety.