6 Tech That Will Help Your Home Tour Hit Pay Dirt

Photo by Unsplash

The housing market is in an adventurous time. Some areas are a full on seller’s market—the need for homes outweighs the number of properties on the market. Other areas, however, are just the opposite. People are looking to sell for a quick economic boost or for a change in lifestyle. In either case, you need your home to sell, and the first place that happens is online, thanks to digital tools.

Video Conferencing

Use video conferencing software to give buyers a personalized virtual tour of the property.

Calendar Sharing

Shared calendars and calendar invites are an ideal way to reserve blocks of time and give buyers access to virtual tour links and passwords.

To-Do Lists and Time Management

With these apps, keeping track of your virtual and physical appointments has never been easier.

360 Home Virtual Tours

Let potential buyers take an online self-guided tour where they feel like they are right there—smelling the fresh paint and touching the cool stainless steel appliances.

Photo Touch-Ups

Finishing touches on home tour photos can be the key to taking shoppers offline and through the front door.

Video Editing

Since you’ll likely film most of the home on your phone, you should be able to edit the footage there, too. Here’s how.

Use tech to your advantage and give home tours that really excite and inspire buyers.